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CoD4 PC Demo - coming soon

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Hiya you bunch of loosers :P

you no im only joking popped in to have a look and found this post i watched the vids and it looks awsome the graphics and sound improved hell of a lot and i will def be getting this one as i miss my old FPS now :P

hope many more of you guys will get this and get my own back of killing you guys again like old times :):D;)


looks liek you got some more new guys who dont no me but hopefully be seeing you on the battle field and you still use TS or vent?


any way guys/girls and the others...hmmmm

see you later and maybe pop on your comms

laters all

your old m8


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thats 6pm i think but i got a squash match at 7.30 so ill be on before and after that to try it.


I bet the band width will be so crap due to all the downloads that it will take me till i get back to get it anyway :)


it is a shame its only single player :( be interesting to test out the perks though.

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