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The Unknown Ghosts

Post your thoughts .....

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ok my first impressions.


Very very pretty!! and so much going on you dont know where to look


No problem with comp specs runs super smooth on my old 3200+ amd 6800gt


Its INTENCE..... its freekin mental very loud, very fast, very crazy.


Guns are very accurate with low recoild and you move very fast so it is going to be a totaly different style of play to GRAW.


Its loud!! there is so much going on ts setting may be a problem if multiplayer is like this.


verdict: if the multiplayer is like this they have done it right :D bring it on

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Just played the demo through.....

It's absolutely awesome, the most impressive game I've played in years.

It's a strange one though. Although it has a "pick up and play" feel, it's full of subtle realisms that make it stand out. The one thing I noticed was the hit areas. Hit someone in the leg and it shows, get someone inthe leg and they react accordingly. Never has hiting a running target in the head with a sniper rifle felt so good!! They go down with some of the best death animation I've seen.

Shooting through walls and stuff feels very natural after a while too, if it looks like you could shoot through it, you can. I've just played GRAW 2 and it feels wierd not to be able to put a HV round through a fence!!

This game looks absulutely awesome, I challenge anyone not to be impressed the fisrt time they put the night vision on and see laser sights all over an occupied building, fantastic.

Accuracy is near 100% I'd say, and recoil is minimal (kinda like Delta Force: Black Hawk Down) which will lend itself to tactical MP very well. This game is gonna spell the end for GRAW 2 I think, mainly because it looks like it's gonna be so tweakable as far as server config goes that you can tailor it to any kind of gameplay. I really can't wait for this game to come out!! And it has the right balance between simulation and action.

Oh, and ot looks and runs absilutely flawlessly on my 8800 at any resolution. It looks better than the PS3 and 360 demos I've played. Just shows what telented programmers can do.

My life will be empty until I get this game delivered. :(

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be great to see ya again bundu bet your excited about the rugby (if your into it) who are you routing for?



Thanks Bulldog!


You ask am I into Rugby?

I ask is a fish's arse watertight?:)


I have always worn the Springbok close to my heart - hence the little Seffrican flag on my signature (and the funny accent that came free with it!).

Interestingly, Saturday will be exactly 36 days since the Springboks dished out the original 36 -0 hiding to England.... although I always say in a final, both teams start on nil points.


Roll on Saturday!

Roll on CoD4!

HoooHaaa! :D

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