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The Unknown Ghosts

Far Cry

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Well Ubisoft has done it again, what a load of shite, kinda reminds me of a camp version of SoF2, same looks same game play, just aload of muscle-y men in combats running at ya waiting to get blown away.


The demo disc i was given by my local GAME shop, started badly considering i had to browse the CD to find the demo install, as it wouldnt do it automatically, or rather it did but the install shield was under the main banner and you had to close the main program to get to it.


Anyway finally got it installed and well i managed to play about 20 secs worth b4 my system froze, and the second time it froze i had to switch it off at the wall, cause it became completely unresponsive.


Its just like UBI to create a game with specs that only a few ppl have, here follows the recommended specs: OS=WIN2000/XP, PROCESSOR=2Ghz or higher, MEMORY=512Mb RAM, 3D CARD=G4 (or equivalent or higher), DIRECT X=9.0b or higher, DVD/CD ROM DRIVE=10x(CD) + 4x (DVD), SOUND CARD=soundbolaster compatable, HARD DISK=582 Mb.


So if ya aint got a system that powerful again i'd save my money. :(

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I know what you mean. :)


I finally managed to get the demo running on my machine and spent an hour just zooming about in the speedboat - couldnt be arsed with actually trying to get onto the island as the scenery looked so nice from the water.


I think this migtht be a fun game to play SP, but MP is not gonna do it.

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I agree, i bought the full version, 5 discs and a bunch of headaches later, this game left a bad taste in my mouth... I am returning it and getting something else...


Any suggestions? I'm a huge Tom CLancy fan myself!!!


My system ran it fine, no lag nothing!!! awesome game, just ...again... left a bad taste in my mouth.... POS (Piece of SHEIT)


:ph34r: TUGc_HeLLduB :ph34r:

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5 discs...... :lol: lmao!!!


I got a friend to mail it to me on 1 DVD disc, so much easier,


well ive just finished a 6-7 hour Far Cry or should i say Far Fetched,


This has got to be the only game ive ever played that changes the difficulty level during the game.


I mean it starts off fine plenty of ammo and armour and health, stunning visuals, (surprise #1 it ran on my machine :) ).


Then later on when you pick up ammo etc, you get 10 armour 5 ammo - but health fills up fully.


Anyway ive just got to this bit where ive come down in a lift, and theres 2 of the big monsters with rocket launchers on their hand, and now i fired 4 rockets and pointblank range into one of these things and it didnt do a thing, yet earlier in the the game ive put em down with an M4, go figure.


Anyway theres 2 of the big monsters and no where to run, its just so lame assed.


Why take a fun playable game and turn it into an unplayable pile of shite partway through, what am i saying UBIsoft had a hand in here, theres my answer <_<


It has some nice touches like the hang gliders and i like the buggys, bit like halo buggys just faster, so why oh why must they make it unplayable.


For instance just prior to going down in the lift, there was this guy in a helicopter, just stood there firing at me with his minigun, so i use up all my sniper ammo and 2/3 of my rocket ammo trying to take this guy, I even shot him point blank with a rocket and he wouldnt die, when i ran past the heli on my way to the door, the heli just flew away, a pointless waste of gameplay, not to mention the ammo i wasted on him.


All in all i'm glad i had a crack copy instead of wasing ?35 on buying the game.

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