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The Unknown Ghosts

PGS cheats or WEZ is a noob???

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Hey Ten yes i have played against you guys guys and i personally have no reason to think you guys cheat, Wez has posted but as you will see we did not accuse anyone, we wouldnt unless you were caught on our servers which you have not been.


We also have no probs with Wez you guys shoulkd maybe get together and sort this out.


PGS and FTK are always welcome on our site and servers :)


Bulldog did ask for a few screenshots but that is standard none were given so it didnt go any further.


Ps Breaker is our forum whore, and post in all the posts :)

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I know , TuG, that u did not accuse us of anything in that thread, about "red-diamonds cheats". I wrote here because FTK Wez wrote here...and so I answered to tell the thruth to all the people who red in this forum theese false accuses against my clan, accuses done without knowing anything about GRAW2 by a noob like WEZ.


But...my TuG friends, I wrote also another thing about Tug Moog, .... I would be very pleased to have an answer about that.



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Sorry the post was so long that i didnt get it all :). Im sure MOOG was only joking or seeing the post added to it but i havent spoke to MOOG re this so i cant comment but knowing MOOG it was more in jest than anything else.


As i have stated we do not think you guys cheat and would like to move on we have put up a post in our private forums re this so i doubt you will hear about it again not from TuG anyways.


We are currently dropping our Graw 2 server and moving to COD4, you guys are more than welcome anytime.

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like JJ said if you have something to say to FTK ME plz leave it on my forums not here but you should sign up with are forums as i would like to ask you some things ie: cheats, also i played agains you in GRAW1 and you was always a good team (not cheats)


Sorry TuG. for bring this to your foums


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Dear WEZ, you posted your false accuses here , in this forum.....why you did not contact me or post in PGS forum??

You posted here and I answered here.

I registered in your clan's forum to answer u there too, but I did not receive the convalidation mail. Be sure that when (and if) I will receive the mail from kevin andersson to post there, you will read me there too....

About posting in other forums something like u did, you must know that I have no respect for people who do it, expecially if they do saying a lot of false and stupid things like u did.

I hope that you red carefully the links to ghostrecon. net I posted here, and I hope you will be so honest to give your excuses to people who you accused.


I hope that TuG members will forgive me for having posted here about this unpleasant problem, but i think there were good reasons for doing that.


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