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The Unknown Ghosts

check out how many people are playing already!!

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Oh my... holy cheese crap hole. That looks STUNNING:eek::eek:


Bugger me, I hadn't seen any pictures or videos, nor had time to play the demo, I just had a picture of Call of Duty 1 in my head, didn't think much on the graphics. DAMN!


Oh, and this looks perfect considering I'm getting a new gaming rig, quad core processor, the new 8800GT, new motherboard, new power supply AND a new case (I actually only intended on the graphics card, but my PC can't handle it). So bring on the ownage guys, and I unfortunately have bugger all money being 15. Feel free to donate to the Dave In Need. :)

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WOW !! now im never going to be able to get to sleep!!!!! im staying up and camping at the post office and i need a filippin new pc now looking at that.....


is that totaly maxed out on the graphics or can itgive more?


No mate, its about 3/4 of the way up....at 90 FPS. That's provided you have an 8800 of some sort. It is awesome, multi player is amazing, like GRAW2 2 crossed with CS:S at 100 mph! once you get used to the speed it's great!! The create a class options are really cool as well. And the heavy machine guns are really realistic!! Wicked!

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