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i33 LAN - Sign-up/Early Bird now open


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The early bird sign-ups for the i33 LAN taking place at Newbury Racecourse next easter are now open.


If you book & pay before 7th December, you get a 20% discount.


URL: http://www.multiplay.co.uk/i33/


Key Info



21st - 24th March, 2008




Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, UK




1,500 BYOC, 150 TUP


Cost (BYOC):


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Here's some good news;


We've decided to extend the i33 "Early Bird" discount until January 6th 2008!


We were intending to finish the discount this Friday but after taking feedback from our community we have decided that giving people until January will give most people an opportunity to take advantage. The Christmas period is always an expensive time so extending to the new year will give people an extra pay-day to be able to afford it and not miss out on 20% off!


The Early Bird promotion is a massive discount of 20% off a BYOC ticket - making it just

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Hi Guys,


It's Randles here from [iOA] was good to see you lot at i32 and i30 (we missed you at i31 :blush: )


I was just coming over to say hello, and check what the turnout is going to be like for TuG at i33.


We're looking good for i33 - and we have a few things planned - for one we're bringing a HDTV and PS3 / 360 for tourneys and two sets of guitar hero gear :) - not to mention sing star for when we're all hammered and can't use a mouse anymore.


Check out our i33 Forum;




There's a few things we are organising here


1) List of people who need lifts and their general location & a similar list of those who can supply.


2) A list of PC Games (and versions) that we should have installed to take part in the fun without 3 days of installing :P


3) A list of console games that people are bringing (we don't want duplicates).


4) A list of mini-console tournaments for us TuG IOA and DOD - so we can have our own schedule and split up console time fairly. (Fight Night Tourney, Super StarDust, Pro Evo)


5) Likewise with PC Games (UT Double Elim?)


6) Suggestions for Big Games - 10 v 10 on COD4? anyone :eek:


The lan is much sooner this year only 9 Weeks to go; because easter is early (2 weeks earlier than last year), and demand for the boxes is growing - So we're just trying to ignite the enthusiasm early and get singed up - so we can conrfirm our confirm our corner of paradise !

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