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The Unknown Ghosts

My office is now my gaming room :)


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As of today i am working from home. Therefor i will be sitting next to my gaming computer all day .... what a temptaion :)


i will probebly be on TS pretty much 24/7 in the idle channel pop in if you fancy tempiting me away from work, i dought it will be very hard. if i ignor you i dont hate you.... it just mean im V busy.


Check it out..... now all i need is the moniter that tweak got :( , didnt get it for christmas stants sucks.


new keyboard and mouse was for christmas so i guess santa got something right ... microsoft sidewinder mouse is very nice if you want a gaming mouse and dont want to spend uber cash got mine OEM from eclipse for only

acc 006.jpg

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I've just got one of these, fookin awesome!! I know .TuG.Gop has one too!

You cannot fault it!!





What a coincidence Im gettin teh Samsung 226bw its well nice tho my bro has a 206bw (http://www.alternate.nl/html/productDetails.html?artno=V4LUX1) which I might be using for 6months. (see my other topic in the open forum.)


Nice Bulldog. Looks good. I suck at working with temptations around.

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hey, im also goin to get the samsung 226bw soon, maybe in 2 or three weeks, its just great :)


oh by the way, got 3 other new things for my pc: 1. bought the x-fi extreme gamer soundcard yesterday

2. bought the sharkoon cosmic 5.1 sourround sound headset yesterday


and the fookin great razer deathadder laser mouse, totally rocks


p.s.: :D

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