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The Unknown Ghosts

Graw 1 Map making for dummies

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I read that for quite a while, then my hair started to fall out.


Compared to OpFlash and GR/Ogor editing this is a nightmare. If they want the games to last and be taken up by the modding community then it's best not to make things so damn hard. I tried with GRAW a longtime ago and just thought nowai.


Technical head, Art head, Tactical head, creative head and someone with a lot of spare time is a pretty rare beast, then there's movie making for intros, ballistic knowledge, writing, 3d modelling, texturing blah...:blink:

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Ty for the info, we'va made a few maps for GR:AW2 and released, but the game fell on its arse and we've moved onto something new. I doubt myselft or Brok21k will do any more mods for it now. :frown:


Unfortunately, they killed GR:AW2 by taking all the good stuff out of it that GR:AW1 had - GR:AW2 should have been an expansion pack for GR:AW1 with more maps, weapons & a fixed server set-up with the extra toys they put in it in the last 1.05 patch & an updated editor, and it would have rocked & still be very much played & popular today.

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