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The Unknown Ghosts

Thought it might be polite...

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..to register and say hello :)


Since I enjoy playing COD with and against you guys and think your server has a friendly and competitive atmosphere, I thought i'd give you a wave.


Now if I can just find a way to make Slilths underslung launcher misfire i'll be laughing!






P.S. [NoN] = Nuns of Navarone in case you were wondering, it's a legacy tag from my Counterstrike days, you might see my good friend [NoN]Ash wandering about as well.

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Sherriff;36827'']Sure thing, if you drop me a PM with the details i'll get on and sit quietly in the corner :eek:


Actually, Sherriff isn't that quiet ;)


Thought I'd say hello as well, it's a smashing server and good fun to play on. Apologies for any bad TK streaks on my behalf. I blame my mouse (it's old) and my brain (also old). That said, FF on is the only way to go - it does make the game much more tense (and at times funny).





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plz kick this guy from the server, he is so annoying with his ****in grenade launcher, just kick this guy


Hey man this is Call Off bunnie noob tubing we are playing.... Restrict it on the server and it not gonna be so UT like...


/Silth whit the gl...

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