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:) Greetings to you all, members of TUG. I thought I'd pop over and say 'Thanks' for answering my post (wrt UK Clans) at the GR.net forum.


A little about myself: I have been playing GR off & on, since it first came out, so I'm not exectly a n00b, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a decent game on UBI that isn't either hosted by teenagers with an "unreal tournament" attitude, or filled with nade spamming & cheaters. ASE has not been producing a great many servers this side of the pond either!


Recently I've been experimenting with 'Call of Duty', I enjoy the fast paced action and graphics etc, but all that rapid movement in the heat of battle can sometimes give me that 'car-sick' feeling when viewing the game up close on my large monitor! ( :blink: It must be my age! ).


I have visited your server a couple of times, but there has been no-one home to play with.. I'd like to pop along sometime & thus get to know everyone better. I play mostly at the weekends (when the wife hasn't got loads of jobs for me to do) and early evenings during the week (as I have a 5am start for work you see).


Hope to hear from you soon and maybe catch a game or two. L8rz!



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Hey Tantalus,


Welcome to the site and the forums. :)


If we're not on the TUG GR server - we may be playing on our Allies server @ IP: - or maybe even playing a little Call of Duty or Ravenshield.


We're also on voice comms - Teamspeak 2 on IP


You can find us in ASE with the TUG_ tags for Ghost Recon & the [DoH] tags when playing Call of Duty.


Come play with us anytime, there's usually someone around. B)

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:D Many Thanks for the 'Cadetship'.


I look forward seeing guys in theatre again soon. I have updated my profile to include the necessary contact methods.


I will have to leave it to 'admin' to change my username within the forum.


Here's to TUG and to our future.. and to my eventual becoming an asset to the Team B)


Semper Fi - Hooah! (as those americans apparently say.. :huh: )

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hey tant welcome to the mad world of GR and a dam good clan of TUGs they a good bunch and beaver can i have my MM1 back now as you had it to long now hehe...

any way if you dont find the tugs on your server try SAF server as they useally come on and try and kill us and dam flya stop shooting me .......OOoooOOo


any way tant all the best m8 and you will have a lot of fun games :)


SAF server ip.... and same ip for our TeamSpeak if you cant find any tugs

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