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Hello to TUG clan from Kartel , I have been around the gaming community for about 6 years now and have been in numerous clans, I remember a while agao playing on TuG's GR server with Wabbit and rememebr what a great bunch of guys you were and still are, I now play cod4 and have found your server, willcall by more often and play with you guys, keep up the great work and good to see a great clan surviving for this length of time,


regards kartel

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You saying I've got an old face? :angry:


Just kidding my old friend. I think I'm just slightly sad that the people I once knew aren't around quite so much these days. Times change and people move on to hopefully bigger and brighter things. Only us oldies tend to stick around for longer because we move slower.


You told them about your mercy mission to India yet? I would - it's a very noble cause, one dear to my heart too.


Peace - Wabbit

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Yes i concur that we both getting too old and move alot slower, even my reaction time in gaming has slowed down.


With regards to my India trip as u have mentioned it wabbit hehe, I am going to India to work with under privilaged children and rag pickers for eight weeks this year June till August 2008.


I also will be building a nursery, hope they dont let me loose with the bricks and cement as i know nothing on how to build a wall. ill stick to gardening hehe..


for more info please look at these websites, their is no obligation to help or contribute I am just merely making people aware of my cause.






peace my friends chat soon


regards Kartel

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