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Who's coming?

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Im back from hols on the friday 9th so i will probably pop down for the day :).


But the next i go to i would like to enter some of the comps and would get into the game before hand, you guys should come as although it can be at cost it doesnt really have to cost to much at all.


prob the november one for me.


I f you look at the seating plan you will need to be quick as you will all need to sit together.


Also there will be another this november so if you miss this one.

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i34 Early Bird finishes with 1500 paid | View Comments (12)

Posted on 14 April 2008 @ 09:14 by Elbonio


Our Early Bird promotion for i34 finished in a flurry of payments late on Friday night to take the total number of BYOC participants to 1,497 - leaving only 503 places left at the full price.


This figure is absolutely astonishing, we expected i34 to sell fast but this has even taken us by surprise! In 3 weeks we have almost equalled the record number of attendees at a UK LAN party (our very own i33 LAN) and that took 3 months to sell!


If you didn't manage to get a ticket, don't worry there are still 500 left, but you will have to be quick!

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