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The Unknown Ghosts

FFOW - v1.02 Patch Soon!


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Posted by one of the devs over on the KAOS forums.


Hi all,


Sorry we couldnt give you an exact date for the next patch, we wanted to make sure that we test it properly so we dont introduce new issues.


We are about a week away from releasing 1.02 which includes many fixes and we are already at work on 1.03 where we plan to have an overhaul to the server browser to fix many complaints.


Some of these fixes will be in 1.02, such as not being able to join some servers, filters always working properly, player count sorting etc. However a bigger update on the browser will be in 1.03.


With 1.02, we are also releasing a dedicated server build and a frontend to host your own servers without CD keys.


Thanks for your patience,




As soon as the dedicated files are out, I'll be installing it on our server.:D

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I drove 20 miles to the nearest Game to buy it, held onto the tin packaging for about 10mins suddenly put it back on the shelf and then picked up Fear Gold Edition and Civ IV for 25quid... :rolleyes:


Fear looks amazing (reminds me of some very old games I use to play and ofc AVP) and I've always wanted Civ IV, I promise to go back to the shop soon and get Fuel, maybe when you guys say it's playing ok with the latest patch.

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