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Gaming Comp For Sale

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Comp for sale if anyone is looking for a great spec machine at a fraction of the cost all up and running can take some pics if you like, all drivers are up to date, come on grab a the bargin of the year :)








CPU 6750 core duo

Psu antec 650 watt

2048 matched c4 800mhz ram

8800 gts 640 nvidia

P5n32-e sli board

Windows XP Pro genuine copy already installed fresh and new :)

Dvd Drive

Floppy Drive

22" widscreen monitor :) benq


total cost new was over a

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My brother's interested in buying it.


What case is it?


Also, where do you live/how much would shipping cost?


Why so cheap? What's wrong with it? ;)


Hey dave the case is an, well i dont know its nice though nothing special it has lights on the front and the side is clear with lights LOL


I live in birmingham, get bully to pick it up.


Its so cheap cause i have new bit for mine and i want it out the way asap. there nothing wrong with it its working fine i have it on now :)

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would be a month but upto you


i can wait a month, you should of said in the pm mate


pics uploaded to the gallerey under my name, your bro is worried about how it looks ?? you should be bitting me hand off


ok wiz get first choice as i offered him the parts seperatly already then changed it and added them all together



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checked pics looks cool what hard drive is it by the way and yea a month if you can wait that long but down to you m8 :):D


160g HD


you can always add another at a later date for all your porn :)


i can see where i am working over the next few days/weeks and i will hopefully be able to drop it asap pm me a number and post code and house number.

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The reason my brother left this clan/stopped playing is because his PC wasn't able to handle the games, he NEEDS this machine!!! :frown:


Bro using his account from now on. He's being a whiny bitch, don't sell to wizzy, he's a homo :)



lol dave i did offer it to wiz over the weekend mate but just the board and things, when i came home i found that i had a whole comp well 2 in fact :) this is the better spec one, so its only fair i give wiz first choice, if he doesnt want it i will glady give it to your bro.


i do have another but its lower in spec pk5 board 2048 g ram 7600 gs card ect ect core duo e 6????


Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.86ghz) Socket 775 Fsb1066 2mb Cache Retail Boxed Processor


Asus Nvidia 7600GT 256MB DDR3 TV out DVI PCI-E


ASUS P5B Socket 775 Core 2 ready P965 chipset onboard audio ATX


hard drive


Antec SLK3000B Black Super Mid Tower Case


Antec NEO HE550GB 550W Modular PSU With 80mm Low Speed/noise Fan



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