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TuG CoD4 Match Server Update

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TuG CoD4 Match Server UpdatedToday I have updated our CoD4 Match Server with the latest ED Ruleset v6, PAM 4.01 & NoSwayMod.


ED Ruleset v6 Changes:


i) Removed the necessity to use the SniperFix mod, this has been replaced with the "lerp" fix which reduces the time taken for the scope to steady once the "hold breath" key has been pressed. Please note the NoSwayMod is still mandatory until another solution to the sway bug has been fixed.

ii) Removed game sounds, these are the announcements such as "You are the last player left". This does not affect ambient sounds.

iii) Removed option for the LMG Grip.

iv) Removed option for all Shotgun attachments (Grip + Reddot).

v) The sabotage configs have been fixed so that the bomb carrier is no longer visible via the "Kill" sign.

vi) The health has been changed in the cup config so that it is 100 rather than 110.


ED Punkbuster Config v5 Changes:


i) Pbbans streaming information corrected.

ii) Maxfps restricted to a maximum of 125.

iii) Drawdecals 0 is now allowed.

iv) A few other small tweaks have been made as there were some issues with the previous punkbuster config.


Your client side should update when joining the server if required.

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