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I use the Microsoft Ergo 4000. Voted the best gaming keyboard by numerous sites and magazines. It's the slant of the keyboard that gives it the edge!

Don't waste your cash on any of that "Gaming" keyboard crap. I've had allsorts from Saitek and logitech etc. This one is by FAR the best quality, they keys have that "solid" feel. I've also got the original Microsoft natural keyboard in cream, they are very sought after these days.


Here's a link:



Check the reviews too. :)

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Blue LED Backlighting

Ambient backlit keys allow gaming in low-or no-light conditions.


Razer Hyperesponse™ Gaming Key Action

Reduces key latency for maximized response.


Two 360-Degree Jog-Dials

One on each side of the keyboard for quick access during gameplay.


Four Bumper Buttons

Programmable buttons that enable easy access to common keyboard commands.


Six Programmable Gaming Hot Keys

Create and store different macros and keystrokes for each game profile - gamers can combine several moves with the touch of one key.


On-The-Fly Profile Management

Users can create and store Key Mapping and Macros for each game profile; keyboard software also automatically assigns different game profiles for supported games.


Detachable Padded Wrist Rest

Ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort.


Gold-plated USB Ports

Provides additional peripherals plug-in access with maximum conductivity.


Powered by Razer


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try to get a Logitech G15 V2 or V1 keyboard


this is mine G15 V1


* The first gaming keyboard with the exclusive GamePanel LCD

* GamePanel LCD lets you message your squad, see game stats and create new macros

* GamePanel LCD even lets you view processor usage, keep track of important system information, manage MP3 tracks and more without ever leaving the game

* Illuminated characters are easily visible in bright and low-light conditions

* Three levels of backlighting brightness for late-night gaming sessions

* 18 fully programmable G-keys and three shift modes (54 possible custom macros for every game you play) let you perform single keystrokes or complex macros while still playing

* Intelligently route mouse, headset or other cables using convenient channels under the keyboard

* Convenient media keys for easy management of video and audio playback

* System Requirements:

* PC with Pentium

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It's all bollox. the Keyboard is flat. Your hand isn't. this bascally means your constantly in an unnatural position. As for the LED's, how many of us look at the keyboard when we're playing.........0.

I love the biut about the gold connectors! lmao. Like that makes any diffrence one it hits the normal silver connectors on your PC!! Wake up mate!!! lol


Well it looks like i'm not the only person with LEDs.. i must say tho the other 2 guys have nice keyboards... shame about urs...

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try to get a Logitech G15 V2 or V1 keyboard


this is mine G15 V1



Yeah i did look at that many of times' date=' its real nice :)[/quote']


cool ive got G15 V1 and the V1 are better for programable keys, but if ya like a keybaord that fits in the area like a computer desk or a small space go for the V2 instead

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