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Major Forum Upgrade coming!


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Just a heads up to everyone that frequents the forums regularly.


I will be performing a major update of vbulletin sometime in the next couple of days to the newly released v3.70


The new version includes a lot of very new & cool features and it's possible I may break some stuff in the process!! :D


You may notice the site marked as offline when the updates are taking place.


Hopefully it shouldnt take longer than 20mins or so (famous last words!)


I'll be backing up the forums & database 1st, then uploading all the new files for 3.7, then running the upgrade script. Then will need to figure out all the new stuff!


Thanks for your patience while we make the updates. :)

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*** Forum Upgrade Complete ***


Please let me know if you find any problems with anything! Thanks :D


Over the next couple of days, I'll be looking at all the new features and turning things on/off as needed.


If you find a feature that isnt working, please let me know!


Enjoy :)

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