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I'll be picking up my copy of GRID shortly and probably will buy a steering wheel.


However, lots of unhappy people over at the GRID community forums, as the game wont start (securom problems) and the MP is a bit shit set-up wise.


Hopefully we'll see a patch soon to fix stuff.


Right now I know JJ & Sherriff have GRID, who else got it?

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Well you drive a car around a track (thats a road to you dave) then you turn around the sharp bends and then you crashh :)


Well i dont really know dave lol, you earn money as you race it gives you objectives on each race where you can earn money to by your own car and race team i think.



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I will probably get this, to be honest FlatOut 2 would be more fun for us, and I know that Burnout Paradise is comming to PC as well. I used to play driving games almost exclusively so I might give this a whirl (and own, lol). Why doesn't everyone download Trackmania off steam? It's free!! and a right laugh.

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