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FFOW - New Game Mode

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Its been announced over on the community status site, that a new game-mode - Conquer - will be added in an upcoming patch.


Further details below:

Frontlines: Fuel of War to receive additional multiplayer game mode.


Kaos Studios and THQ are pleased to announce the upcoming release of a bonus game mode for their exciting multiplayer shooter. The added mode, named Conquer, allows players to capture objectives in any order, anywhere on the map. The mode is reminiscent of an old fan favorite in previous shooters such as Rainbow Six, Star Wars Battlefront, and Conquest in the Battlefield series; though the Frontlines version will have a few of its own tweaks.


Kaos Design Director, David Votypka states:

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I played the new patch last night for about 20 mins - there arent alot of servers up or players as they've taken so long to release anything, people have moved on... (just like graw2)


I expect a hard-core of people still play it, but I dont think its going to pull the game out of the ashes and make it a BF2 beater!

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