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The Unknown Ghosts

i34 T-shirts

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Thought it might be amusing to get some t-shirts made for those of us going.


I've been fiddling about with a simplified logo for Beaver, found an image from the web which looked good, it was far too small though, re-sizing it made it very pixellated, so I re-made it, trickiest bit was the lighter shading, but I don't think it came out too badly.







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You're alright Dave, teeth left out intentionally, looked a bit wierd since the mouth is a bit of a different shape, so I put a bit of a tongue in there instead to break up the black space.


I'm using Fireworks for my graphics, I used to do quite a lot of sigs and things for previous clans, and for the guys from my Planetside outfit, i'll try and dig some out from my archives.

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