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i35 LAN -Dates & Venue

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Tonight they announced the venue for the i35 LAN.


The details so far are:


Dates: Friday 31st October - Monday 3rd November 2008


Venue: Stoneleigh Park


Map: Google Maps


More details of costs, etc will be posted when Multiplay post them.


There will be discounts available on sign-ups and a few other things.


Just a quick note to say that we have confirmed the i35 dates and venue. It is going to be from October 31st to November 3rd 2008 and will be at Stoneleigh Park.


With a capacity for 2,000 gamers the spooky Halloween Friday will be something of an interesting LAN ;)


A more official and grand announcement/launch is to be made in the near future, but we wanted to let you know the dates first as they are different to the provisional ones we had posted on the forums previously.

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