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The Unknown Ghosts

Games to Take

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Cod 4 .................yes


Far Cry 2 realesed a week before .................no


Grid ................no


Gr .................have it some where been

stored away

Pure this month ..................cant afford any new 1s


cryisis warhead this month ..................cant afford any new 1s



Grid, Pure and Gr can be installed from our games me thinks :)

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In some case I have a few extra copies laying around so I will try and supliment our supply so we can all join in together for some fun games at the lan. So I can sponsor you Wiz and maybe some of the others in some cases.


as long as we all come to an agreement on what to bring and how many copies of what we need:biggrin:


Also can we make a list of MODS for OGR so we can all just start playing without the endless installing :-) It might be fun to relax with some coop or some 2v2 - 3v3 on some of the old favorites...


Is anybody interested in AOE III, Soulstorm, COH or Stronghold Crusade Extreme? I have been dabbling in RTS especially since I use them when teaching the level design courses.


Anyway JJ's list sounds good :-)

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I will be going to the event with Benny

I got CoD4

what else do i need?


We'll hopefulyl ahve a game of BF2 if we can - we'll also have Ghost Recon (the game which we started playing 6 years ago) - but u can just copy the folder off one of our machines for that as it doesnt use cd-keys, etc. :)


We'll also probably have a few GRID games and some of us my have FarCry2.


Will confirm over the next couple of weeks exactly what we'll have.

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