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As we are attending i35 and are going to participate in the CoD4 tourney for a laugh, I thought it might be a good idea to get our 2nd server set-up with the mod that will be used - ProMod


To that end, I'll be setting up our current match server as a ProMod server so we can see what the damn thing does!!


Details of the mod are posted in the 1st reply to this thread.

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Call of Duty 4 Promod : Version 3 FINAL


Official Site :



Promod is a competitive mod built to replace the aging and undeveloped PAM 4. It has been developed around the needs of both the LAN and invite communities.


It has been tried and tested in the summer lan tournaments : i34, AEF and TEX. It has been accepted by most major leagues and continues to grow, both in popularity and in its code.


This is a MAJOR release, all previous versions are no longer supported. There are known to be game-breaking bugs in previous versions, and inconsistent registration, and I recommend to all leagues that they disallow all previous versions of Promod, within a reasonable period of notice.


*** Release 3 and above are now the only supported versions of Promod ***




  1. List of features
  2. Guide for Players
  3. Guide for Server Admins
  4. Guide for Shoutcasters
  5. Guide for Leagues
  6. Credits
  7. Mode information
  8. Upcoming Changes
  9. Included Cvarlist

List of features (compared to PAM 4.01)


Sounds and music


  • All maps have ambient noise removed
  • Leader dialog has been removed from the game
  • Music has been removed from the game
  • A neutral commentator has been added

Gameplay and Balancing


  • The SMG class has been reduced in power
  • The snipers hitboxes will now tag less
  • The AWP fix has been implemented
  • The nosway fix has been implemented
  • Registration has been optimised for all classes
  • Flash bangs now are more direction dependant
  • The bomb can now be dropped in SD
  • Knife automelee and lunge has been removed
  • The shotgun grip was removed

Menu Optimisation


    [*]The new promod controls have been distributed throughout the control, options and quick commands menus

    [*]Weapons can now be

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