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The Unknown Ghosts

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As I had a little free time on my hands I decided to do some updates to the web site today.


1. New side block (left) for the TUG Game Servers added.


We now offer - Ghost Recon - RavenShield+Athena Sword - Call Of Duty


View it at - http://www.clantug.com


2. Server Stats/Web Admin page added for the RavenShield+Athena Sword Server.


View it at - http://www.clantug.com/rvsslwebphp/server....p=


3. Java IRC applet added to the site - you can now connect to our channel on irc.gamesurge.net - #clantug - and talk to us.


View it at - http://www.clantug.com/pjirc



If you find any problems with the new adittions then please let me know ASAP.


Thanks. :)

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More updates today.


1. New Scrolling TUG Roster block added to the left side.


Please kick me in the ass if I forgot to add your name in there. :)


2. New Donations Block added.


If you want to donate some money towards the costs of a New server for the coming year - please do so through this - PayPal right now and it all comes to me.


I'll be adding to your forum titles "TUG Contributor" if you give anything. :)




Let me know if there are any errors with anything - thanks.

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As regards my PM comments wrt currency and name options for the direct paypal link, this can be updated within the 'Merchants Tools' section of Paypal using the Website payments 'Buy Now Buttons' option.


Here you can specify what the payment is for, any reference number you may choose to allocate, price, currency, as well as 'other options' such as user notes and html pages for custom messages (eg: a 'You have paid' page or a 'Donation unsuccessful' page).


I have used these codes regularly when I used to finance and run my own Clan's Teamspeak server and to great success.


B) Tara the noo


Regards TAnT

(Ebay Guru & Merchant!)

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More site updates this evening and more scheduled for next week.


I have added nice new menu to the main site:




on the left side - lots of new links and features added.


I plan to add more content for Call of Duty & RavenShield as per the GR stuff.


Please let me know if there is anything missing or broken links.

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I'm on fire tonight. :)


Just updated the CoD Server Status page & the Teamspeak Server Status pages to integrate with the site properly - also added to left side - site navigation block.


Teamspeak Server Status:




Call Of Duty Server Status:



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Stop it - your making me blush even more. :rolleyes:


Lots of new content added today.


Ghost Recon Weapon List - Still gathering intel on teh weapons.


Call of Duty Map List & Server Console Commands


RavenShield Map List


Still to do:


Athena Sword Map List

RVS Console Commands

Integration of RVS Server stats into site.



If anything is broken or looks odd - please let me know. :)

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