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Stalker 2 DIY fix

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I was having a lot of problems with stalker 2, but i seem to have found a way to avoid in game crashes.


Constant in game crashes using high settings were a real issue, and my system is a good system, (8800GT 512mb card 2Gig RAM, core 2 duo processor etc).


Hope this helps anyone driven to their whits end.


For those playing in Dx10, an 8800GT 512mb cuts it at 20 fps in resolution 1680x1080. And lowr resolution makes for higher FPS. 4 GB RAM is reccomended, and yes i know windows vista only regognises 3GB, but mixing and matching 1 gb sticks and 2GB sticks may not provide full performance.


Besides the point,

the fix:


In the "basic" video options:


Select you required shader settings, all be it static lighting, Objects lighting, Dynamic lighting or Enhanced Dynamic lighting (Dx10).


Then select minimum settings.


Heres the cleaver part,


go to advanced settings change whatever you like, add sunrays, use max texture settings, whatever.


A bug in the engine,when using dx10 or whatever, with basic selection maximum settings, crashes the best of systems (seriously my friend runs 2x 8800 Ultras, with 4 Gig RAM).


Until they patch it, yet this is a sneaky way arround it.



NOTE: before moving onto another level ( such as the dark valley to the garbage) SAVE IT!!! use f5 for a quicksave, just before leaving an area

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