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i35 - Update #3 - Security & i34 Feedback

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After a few problems with some thefts at i34, there was a raging debate on MPUK forums and on the esports news site - cadred.org - about what exactly they should be doing for i35 and beyond with regards to security,etc.


MPUK have now responded with the following post over on the Multiplay site.


Once you've read it - take 5 minutes and then go back and read it again, and just let it sink in.


The most obvious thing to take from it is:


Your computer and stuff is YOUR responsibility, not ours!


Benny and I will be attempting to make sure that we have sufficient 'Kensington Locks' for everyones PC/Monitors.


In response to the feedback given by customers during and after i34 we have a list of improvements and amendments that will come into effect for the i-series events' date=' some of them immediately and in time for i35 and others which will be phased in for i36 and the Spring M Festival.


Your Responsibility

In light of the events at i34 it is important to note that whilst Multiplay take measures to reduce the risk of theft or damage we do not in any way implicitly or explicitly take any responsibility for the security of your equipment at an event. We are still however making the following changes to security policy to help deter theft:



i35 will be the last event at which we will be distributing security labels on check-in. The reason for this is whilst they offer some deterrence from the opportunistic thief walking out with someone else’s machine the system has been proven fallible from people being able to tag someone else’s belongings with their sticker, placing their own sticker on top of someone else’s or simply peeling the sticker off. This false sense of security has also lead to many people becoming complacent and not properly securing their belongings. Whilst we are still checking stickers at i35 it is reiterated that they are simply a deterrent to the opportunistic thief and at the end of the day your equipment is your responsibility to secure properly.



The fence around the BYOC hall will have two entrances/exits – At reception for checking in and around the back to enable easy access to the campsite. You will not be allowed into the event through the back gate without a pass and bags will be checked at random for equipment at these points. Around the perimeter of the fence there will be roaming guards and metal clasps between gate portions as opposed to the ties used at i34.


Multiplay security staff

The responsibility of event security at i-series events, and the reason they were first hired is to act for the safety of the attendees, to make sure that only the people who are meant to be in the hall are there, fulfil heath and safety requirements and act as an authority to deal with drunken, aggressive and/or disorderly behaviour. They were never put in place to guard equipment, however because of the requirement to check stickers in and out of the premises they have been incorrectly identified as security for attendees’ belongings. We will be increasing the number of security guards at i35 purely for the purpose of maintaining a higher presence as security for people and NOT for machines.



A CCTV camera network will be in effect in the LAN hall at i35. Cameras designed to work at low light will be used to serve as a deterrent to opportunistic criminals, however attendees are reminded that their equipment is solely their responsibility and small objects left on the desk when you leave (mobile, wallet, MP3 player etc.) are still easily stolen if they are not hidden from sight.


Additional Precautions

The greatest emphasis on security of your equipment at the event is prevention. Additional steps that you can take to secure your equipment include

Cable tying your leads together so one item (mouse/headphones) cannot be easily unplugged and stolen.

Keeping your phone/wallet/MP3 player on your person so they are not left behind on the desk when you get up to go to the bar/toilet.

Using a Kensington lock to secure your monitor or laptop to the desk. The trestle tables we use at the i-series are perfect for looping the lead through.

Using case screws to prevent anyone easily opening your machine’s case to steal components.

Not leaving the side of your case off when you are away from your desk. If your computer is getting too hot with the side on, put it into standby and replace the case when leaving your machine, or look into additional cooling solutions (additional case fans etc.)

Don’t leave small items (mouse/mouse mat/headphones) on your desk overnight – put them in a bag or take them with you when you go to bed.



Multiplay will be offering cable ties for free from reception and selling Kensington Locks and case screws at the event.



The campsite will be divided into two zones – a ‘festival’ zone in i34’s main camping area where people who want to spend the night in front of their tents and socialise can go and a ‘quiet zone’ in the i34 overspill which will be regulated by a security guard through the night. These campsites will be clearly signposted and people making continued noise in the quiet campsite will be ejected from it. It is also requested that people do not abandon their tents in the field at the end of the event or we will be forced to charge for camping at future events to cover the cost of Stoneleigh clearing up after you. Additional bins will also be provided on the campsites to reduce the amount of debris.



From the start of i35 two shower blocks will be made available - The original ones by the campsite and the secondary ones as you leave the reception building and turn left. They will also be cleaned more regularly, have timesheets to indicate when they were last cleaned and be spot checked by management. The hostel and hotel showers will still be available to guests of the hostel/hotel and will be checked more by the Stoneleigh Park staff. For i36 and the next M Festival we will also plan to invest in hiring an additional mobile shower block.



We will be improving the ventilation at i35 by opening the roller doors at points during the event to force cool air into the hall and providing wind shields to prevent people sitting by the doors to experience the draft. In addition, we will be investing in additional forced ventilation for i36. A designated smoking zone will be set up under a gazebo away from the roller doors to keep smokers under shelter and help prevent smoke being sucked into the hall.



We will also be implementing other changes to improve the i-series including provisioning for more bins down the rows, negotiating further with Stoneleigh on offering full sized pizzas and reducing the price of food from the restaurants. We do take all constructive feedback into account when debriefing after events and pass concerns to the relevant people.[/quote']

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