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The Unknown Ghosts

Pr3d410r is b4ck!


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Lo m8s,

Its me, Tassadus. How have you all been doing. Just read about CS:S Closing down, too bad, just installed my old Thingamagic...Had a chat with Rowan and we'Re thinking about starting up again in CS:S. Still haven't lost my skills. h0, if you're in tell me. I would absolutely love it. Anyways, will check on a few m8s from back then. Would be cool if Beaver could host us again...


Take care,


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Bugger me, long time no see.

ho's here and gay as ever. Haven't heard from rowan in a bloody long time either. Had a go on CS:S the other day, shite as always, might jump on again for a game sooner or later. But most of us have converted to COD4 and soon to be COD5, come join the dark side, even frub decided too!:eek:

Only problem is trying to get ho, just as stubborn as always :)

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