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The Unknown Ghosts

Florida 2004 Bulldog


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ok i am just editing the photos i will post a few here and then a link to the rest if any one is interested


i cant belive how friendly the rednecks are who ever said the dont like tourists are wrong!




there was surf about chest high for 4 days ... good fun!


i surfed with a 8ft bullshark ..... i was shi* scared when i saw it!


dolfins regularly swam under my bord and ocean kayak ... shiby!


i love american trucks .... i want ... NO! NEED! a DODGE RAM 500 bhp truck i only saw 1 and they are huge!!!!!


its so so cheap! for english ???

pint if beer is 75 pence

petrol is 60 pence a gallon i think!

a steak dinner is ?3.50 and you can NOT! eat it all

a huge truck is like ?10.000 wich in this country would be sold for ?40.000



anyway i loved it !!

so go to " navarre beach florida " if you have the chance you will love it too !!!







oh and kaiser..... your dad shot me in the leg for trying to steal his truck!


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