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The Unknown Ghosts

WaW error

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Game installed just fine.


But every time i go to play it, It loads the bar then goes to what i expect would be a title sequence.


Instead the screen just goes blank - and after 5-7 seconds it just crashes.


My system should handle it fine


8800GT 512MB

dual core processor ( 2 x 1.6GHz)

2GB Ram

vista home premium


blah blah blah....


it runs all other games just fine ( such as Fallout3 and Far cry 2 - on full settings)


Having clicked the Icon it asks me to play in safe mode, with options yes no or close, i have tried yes and no numerous times but no matter what happens it crashes.


Any ideas?

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I fixed it - just ran it at studio quality 41k Hz sound , that fixed it - I love it - online is fail but jeez, single player ( although i completed it in 6.5hrs) was great fun.


I think i had an issue with punkbuster too - so i didnt bother with it

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