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The Unknown Ghosts

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I love flight games. I have a nice joystick lol:eek:

Hawx is good fun but it doesn't feel right when you control using a joystick. I'll explain.


When you push left or right a plane will "tilt and turn". In this game it just rolls, in order to get any movement you have to pull up or pull down. In short it sucks, this is not how planes react.

Apart form that its quite good.:)


If anyone fancies a game of IL2 Sturmovik let me know!

I also have MS Combat Flight Sim 2 and a few others floating about

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i not tried my joystick on hawk yet but i have IL2 Sturmovik hiding in the dark place with the cobwebs lol will look for it again and test my joystick when i plug it in and the power socket on it:P :D but its released tomorrow so proberly try that later down the line and see if they will let you change the configs for Joystick

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