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The Unknown Ghosts

The DEMO V2 is out

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Wings have now released a full V2 Demo last night.


List of download mirrors here:




The Soldner forums are also here:




Which you might wanna read abot peoples 1st impressions of the this 'new' V2 release demo.


I started downloading it - it got 2 about 25% - then I started reading the threads in the forum linked above - I stopped downloading it.


But, you still might wanna try it and see if everything is fixed for you. :)


I'm gonna wait til they tell me in the beta whats happening and if I have a new beta to download and play with.

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the new demo makes the game ALOT more playable on my system ^_^


no idea why but server seam to respond faster and gameplay is a little more stable


although 1 in 3 severs still will not connect/hang/time out


atleast they are on the right track :D


as for the forthcoming release date lmfao!!!!! :lol:

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Well after finally managing to download a working soldner demo, it has completely redeemed itself.


Quite a fun game all in all, the weapon shop is the same as IGI2, although for some reason, my vehicles always pull to the right.


And the tractor was a right laugh :)

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