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Hey Everyone,


What's going on? Thanks for letting me in, I've been looking!

Hope to start gaming with you guys soon.

I'm 26, Married, live in Ottawa, Ontario and a serving member of the canadian military.........

Other clans like to argue about what MY personal life is but anyway, I shouldn't justify who I am to some stranger!!!


I just got back from Afghanistan in Jan, that was a blast!


Hope to talk to you guys soon!


:ph34r: HeLLduB :ph34r:

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I had the opporutnity to play some RvS with SAF_Kaiser last night.

We had a good time, got to strut my stuff for about an hour or so. Averaged about 17 kills a round!!!

Nice to see the teammansihp in these clans, looking forward to killing some tangos with all of you again very soon!!!


I'm off to Mexico on my honeymoon starting the 1st of May to the 15th.

After that, I'll be back in the grind mates!!!


Hope all of you read this, looking forward to more chatting as well!!!!




:ph34r: TUGc_HeLLduB :ph34r:

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