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Arma II - 1.02 Patch soon

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From the BIS CEO - Marek Spanel - over at the Arma II forums:


We are planning to release ARMA II Patch 1.02 soon but I can't confirm specific time yet.


It will be around 125 MB large download compatible with all game versions 1.00 DE and 1.01 DE/CZE/INTERNATIONAL.


Version 1.02 Highlights


* Improved AI driving skills

* Lowered enemy AI skills for regular and recruit difficulty levels

* Improved Micro AI tactics, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls.

* Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation

* Improved game stability (various crash opportunities fixed)

* Multiple save slots supported

* Improved terrain shape beyond map borders

* Various campaign and localization fixes and improvements

* Modules (F7) support added in the Mission Editor

* Added option to disable various post-process effects (bloom, blur etc.)

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