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Some Guys Honest Review :)

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This is a review a friend of mine wrote after trying out the demo for ArmA II:


I downloaded the Arma 2 demo to give it a test, and I would recommend everyone else at least try the demo if they are so inclined. Its free after all. Thats the best I can say about it.


I can safely say that I will not be playing this game. It forces some kind of HOLY****ING*******!!!HORRIBLE!!!***HOLY****ING**** mother****ing mouse smoothing on the player. For the love of God, it is identical to playing on a console controller!!! No matter how fast you move your mouse, you cant turn any faster than a certain speed that is determined by your in-game mouse sensitivity. I tried running my mouse back and forth across my entire mousepad quickly and then moving it slowly, all while watching the game screen move the same ****ing speed. If you have watched any videos of it being played and the player seems half-********, its really because he is fighting the mouse. You cant turn it off, it is built in. I honestly never thought Id see mouse control this bad in a pc game.


The voice acting is absolutely horrific. I thought the voice work was ****ed up because we were watching videos of the german version, but no, thats how they really sound. Listening to the voice work made me slightly ill.


Shaders dont work right, way too much HDR, and a general lack of finish on the graphics. Black pine trees, for example.


The interface is completely unintuitive. There are approximately 300 different actions that have to be bound to the mouse and keyboard. I mean seriously, this game has a button for saluting. Its the backslash key. I was surprised it didnt have a key for sitting on a toilet, another key for pinching off a turd, and a mini-game for wiping your ass. If this was a game I have been waiting 10 years for and I was going to play for 10 years following, then honestly, Id probably be thrilled, but its a massive turn off for us "normal" gamers. It took me literally 5 minutes to find out where I was supposed to pick my gun up from during training. 5 MINUTES. Im a ****ing hardcore gamer here. I live and breathe games and laugh at the puny attempts of difficulty developers try and put in, and it took me 5 minutes to find a gun. Holy tits.


Bohemia Interactive has successfully sacrificed gameplay in the most basic way possible for the sake of "realism." Therefore, this game will only be pleasing to extreme hard-core mil sim fans who play one game for a decade until its sequel is released, and Arma 2 will quickly be dropped like a hot piece of **** by scores of gamers once they realize how ****ed up its graphics, sound, interface, and aiming system are. Because, you know, a human being simply CANT turn 180 degrees in a split second. Thats a load of "bull friggin horse****" right there. Ive handled plenty of guns in my life and I can assure you I am perfectly able to whip that mother****er 180 degrees in a heartbeat.


If it sounds like Im ****ed, its because I am. Game companies have their god damn mother****ing thumbs up their asses these days, and dont know what the **** makes a good game anymore. They sit there in their studios, concerned only about making the game and not about how it plays or how well rounded of a product it is. Its all about either turning the highest bottom-line or pushing so hard for one particular playing style the game is ruined in the process. ****ing absolute god damn infuriating brainless horse**** that makes me want to slap them across their dimwitted blank ****ing stares. Im all for grassroots small studios, but releasing this pile of **** was an inexcusable mistake. In a year, even with the bull**** aiming, this probably would have been a pretty awesome game.


On that note, I cant wait to see what tiny little unforeseen detail is going to be in Flahpoint 2 thats going to make it suck balls. Just wait. It will be there. There will be some quality about it thats going to kill it for us. Forced mouse smoothing, forced VSYNC, auto-aim for console kiddies with cross-platform support, who knows. Game studios apparently spend most of their time these days figuring out tiny little obscure ways to **** a game up. Clive Lindop was removed from the CM team because he was the only one there with a brain in his head.


Its a shame really because the rest of Arma 2 looks so ****ing epic. I was really looking forward to playing through it but now I wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot stick that I **** on first and was planning on burning anyway. Bohemia really bit off more than they can chew with Arma 2, and until they step up their game theyre never going to make a very good living off of game development, thats for DAMN sure. Arma 2 is so unbelievably bad I almost feel like buying it out of pity for Bohemia, but its just so terrible I would rather they go out of business than get a second chance. Coming from me, Mr Kindheart, you know thats some bad mafoo.


-Mr Kindheart signing the **** OUT. I salute Arma 2 with my backslash key and my middle finger.

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well, ok, you're right there again


but i dont like Arma 2 myself, i dont know, im hoping that Operation Flashpoint will be way different, i mean, the aiming system in arma 2 is just crap, very unprecise, sometimes you hit the NPCs with nearly a whole clip but they wont die.


you have to be a fan of arma to play it well

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well said m8 if ya cant play sim game y the hell u buy ArmA 2 in the first place, this is the most relistic army sime there is so y are computer mags give it 4 out of 5 and 8 out of 10 then if its soo crap ??



Jep, it is. take a look at the price and than take a look at the game. you see it? No? Its a

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I loved Flashpoint and played ARMA1 a fair bit. I downloaded the ARMA2 Demo and it's a good sim. It just isn't remotely FUN to play. The fun has just gone, to many things to battle against in my opinion. The clipping and mouse control are epic fails! It has so much potential but will be dropped like a stone when FP2 comes out me thinks?

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when I started playing arma it was a great game for me at start with so much realism other games could not provide. I used to play on arma server where there was around 80 people playing 40 vs 40. We all had ranks and stuff, conquering positions and on another weekend we would continue where we stopped last weekend. There were guys that flew only choppers and getting other infantry to their positions, recon and so. For me it was a blast cause mixing realism and multiplayer on a big scale was like fighting in a real world but on virtual machines.


Also think they rushed arma2 to get out to the stores cause of OF2 coming this autumn and OP2 has more publicity cause of its commercial agenda.


I look it this way: if OF2 be a better game at least I will be trained to play it by gaining experience in arma2 as both will be very close in its behavior.

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"I look it this way: if OF2 be a better game at least I will be trained to play it by gaining experience in arma2 as both will be very close in its behavior."


If only!


Found this quote and remembered how much I looked forward to this game a few months ago too. I think the best advice is to hold with OPFDR for a couple of patches and see, otherwise I honestly think this little battle has been won by Arma.

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