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The Unknown Ghosts

Online Play

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Details of the online/MP modes - unfortunately nothing about the server files/maps, etc.




Never fight alone - enlist three fellow Marines and fight through every mission to liberate Skira Island together. Battle from the beginning or unite at any stage of the campaign for extra fire support.



Re-deploy as a veteran on any previously completed mission. Fill out your squad with up to three brothers-in-arms and relive every combat scenario..




Engage in war games with your fellow Marines: Opposing USMC and PLA squads deploy at either end of the designated battlefield with access to both extensive weaponry and vehicles, as well as full command of AI recruits. The winner is declared when one team is annihilated.



Deploy as a covert Special Forces squad or defend against them. The Special Forces squad must breach the other team's defenses, infiltrate an enemy held location and destroy the objective. The opposing team must not let that happen.

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