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The Unknown Ghosts


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hey, i've got a question.


As games are so cheap in the UK in the internet shops, i'd like to pre-order OFP 2 for example at thehut.com or whatever it's called. It is only for about 18 or 19 pounds including shipping to Germany if i got that right!


If you want to order there you need a credit card, i don't have one, so i wanted to know if someone could pre-order it for me, let it ship to my place and i would send him the money via PayPal.


Thanks in advance



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ok, can you order my copy on amazon.co.uk?

well, if it's not too late yet

it is for only 17.99 pounds free shipping in the uk

and delivery to Germany would be for about 5 pounds


so, please get it there for me as it is the cheapest at the mo ;)

well, and if you cant change the shipping address send it to me then please and i will send you the money also for that of course :)

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JJ use shoptonet they very fast delivery and mostly arrive early like a day b4 release :)




but i just checked there now they discount price gone up because the pre order gone now so you will have to try somewhere else maybe play.com you have to be quick


never had no problem b4 and if they dont send it on time they credit you 3 pound thats how sure they are with there deliveries and useually when you orde breaker its gets delivered to person who paying by credit card there home address to prevent fraud so JJ will have to post from his home address i think.

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