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The Unknown Ghosts

Played it last night

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Hi yall... its been a while!


I always said i would be back when flashpoint was launched and i am a man of my word, a very lucky man who got his copy of Flashpoint 2 DR 3 days early thanks to shop 2 . net and maybe having had a preorder placed for about a year helped.


Well i took a flipping long time to install and i was like a small child on Christmas eve i had been hoping for the last 2-3 years this game would be the new battlefield 2.....


Its not... (well not yet anyway)


First of all the menu system, its all very pretty and makes cool swooshing noises ( but there is an amazingly annoying track that plays of what can only be described as someone using mouthwash while being garroted) i did got a bit annoyed that it took me more than a few seconds to go from one menu to another (and there are lots of menus) it all seems a bit over engineered im pretty old school and would have been happy with a simple black and white text list lol, but if they put that much effort into the menus then the game must be very well refined and polished... right....




The single player campaign starts (as any good shooter should) very dramatically and with a good sense of realism. the first thing you notice is how slow every thing feel compared to COD changing weapons, changing stance etc... which is what you would expect from a less arcade like sim, the animations are very good and the running, walking, crawling and general movement feel is a bit similar to GR your hear rate increases when you run and you get tired out you cant jump and there are good splatter effects as bullets hit near you or your buddys blood splatters across your screen eeewwwww. in fact the best part of the game so far for me is the feeling of immersion and... well .... fear… fear of sticking your head up incase it gets blown off, bullets that are close to you whistle and crack past and richochet off things next to you.


The ai iteration menu is a bit annoying to use you have to press q to bring up a circular list of commands and when you have found the correct command by using awds issue it to a location on the ground or in a building but once issues the menu stays up and does not disappear so I found myself constantly re issuing commands which was very annoying.


Movement distances between objectives is a little far but would suit the tactical play who want to create complex flanking maneuvers, it can take 5 mins running before you see an enemy. well thats all very nice but onto the actual technical game play ...


I have a 7900gt at the moment (4870 arriving on friday) so its quite an old card however it ran the game ok on low settings, although the graphics on these settings are very 2005/6 not cutting edge at all but i will have to with hold judgment on that till i get my new card and crank it up, some of the high res screen shots look amazing.


The most worrying thing about the game in my opinion is the mouse lag... (i know its a major worry) i really hope its just my computer and is not a issues for everyone else, you only really notice it when you are delicately aiming over long distance or in close quarters situations (so the most vital times) but it is defiantly there.


I have got to about the 3rd mission and I have to defend a town, its incredibly hard! I don’t know if I did something wrong but I have tried it about 10 times, your ai team seem to be pretty stupid and the enemy ai very good, maybe im just not issuing orders right I don’t know but I am playing it on normal mode and if it takes me this long on every checkpoint It will take me months to play the single player (mouse lag does not help at all) I need co op help guys 


I know you all want to know about multiplayer but I only played it once for 2 rounds so far. I would not like to pass judgment on it yet till I use my new card but I feel I do have a few points as currently I am a little sad .


1/ controls on vehicles seem crazy! Everything seems out of control (maybe I need to get used to it or change some settings I don’t know) and its difficult to get in the correct poison of a vehicle for example I tried for 5 mins to get into the seat of a chopper and still could not figure it out I kept getting in the back. Remember I have only played multiplayer for like 10 mins total


2/ mouse lag arrr I can hit any one I don’t feel like I am in full control


3/ big open world maps great for sneaking around stealth and sniping (but there is a stupid compass that tell you where enemies are it comes off in hardcore though.)


4/ very good bullet models the drop over distance when sniping is great.


5/ you can search other people’s bodies and take all there stuff.


6/ seems like the sever browser is easy to use and effective.


7/ post effect like smoke and fire looks wicked and can be used tactically very well.


8/ not that many vehicles so far… and no one can use them properly lol if you got good with chopper you would own at this point in the game


Over all it has potencial lets wait and see, will be good fun in coop even at this stage!


Well that’s about it for now I better do some work, I don’t think I have written so much since school, sorry about the grammar/spelling.


Any questions???

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Welcome back bro!!


Thanks for the insight into the game, doesnt sound too depressing! But a game thats going to be fun and have alot of potential.


Any word on the Editor?? I bet its not as good as the FC2 editor...


I've been reading the codemaster forums all this week and its full of whiney fuckers unfortunately who arent as seasoned as us about new games coming out and some of the shortfalls that come with it - GR:AW & GR:AW2 for example, took a patch or 2 before they got great.


I'm happy with what you've written and with what I've read elsewhere.


It looks as thought they are listening to commentary from the community and official PC bug threads have been started.


Its not even out officially all over the world yet (Not until tomorrow), so next week or 2 will hopefully see some feedback and updates from the guys at Codemasters! :)

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LOL i just reread some of my post, sorry if the bad typing makes for a difficult read :/ but thoes who know me will be used to the boxing glove typing :)


i aint used the mission editor beaver ill have a look tonight if your online.


i read some where there will be downloadable content every month ... patches etc..


i bet you have to pay for any new mission or weapon packs though.

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