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The Unknown Ghosts

It rocks!!

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Have installed it about 15 mins ago and had a quick look at the Editor - lots of scope and fun things to do - alot more complicated than the FC2 editor, but I bet we can re-create alot of the old GR missions with this!!


Gamewise, it looks and feels just great - everything was defaulted to high on start up as it auto detected my gfx card & audio - i've played 10 mins of the 1st mission without changing any keys or looking at any of the settings and it's great fun. Plays very smooth, I didnt experience any mouse lag as Bulldog did and the GFX look great.


oh and I also created my MP user - TuG_Beaver - for future use.


So far it gets a thumbs up!! :)

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I am so glad that it was my comp causing the issues! i will update all my drives and install my new card then it should be wicked.


to be honest that card has been playing up for a while now so i think if some one had a similar 7900gt card that was working well it would run fine!


Man i want to play it again now!!! stupid work!

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