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The Unknown Ghosts

Now most of us have got it!

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Its been mostly wizz and me playing over the last few days which has been fun but it would be so much more fun if we could all get on and have a big game. we managed to get a server going last night with me, wizz, jj znd tweak and it was great fun while it lasted.


Ill be on tonight from 6pm and i am sure wizz will be, if you have the game please make an effort to come and play as it would be great to get some of the old tug team spirit back.


I know the server side of the game it a total mess but we can still have some fun with it even in its current state...... its only going to get better right!




"How copy? over"

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i'm still waiting for the game....but it should (hopefully) be here in about one or two days! I also got some issues with Hamachi, haven't figured out to fix it, yet. but should be no major problem i hope.


Have some good games so far!!



on route :) you should sort out hamachi before it arrives :RJ279738762GB 17.99 + 5.52= £23.52

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