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Whilst waiting for OPFlashDR to be 'improved' and a few more bugs to be sorted from ArmaII I noticed this little puppy which I missed.


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Gamespot


There's a demo too, which is short but sooo much fun, I've just played it, was shocked how good it is. Note there's a silly firewall problem when you first play it, you can't set the permissions with an alt tab so it worked for me by switching my fw off till it loaded up.


The nice thing about discovering this gem late is....


Game are selling it as part of a 2 games for £25 offer, so for 12.50 you're getting a great game. I haven't played multiplayer but I've read that it's good too.


Anyone interested or has any other opinions?

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Hey! I waited like a patient puppy and finally got this game, no not 30quid but 9! At the moment on amazon it's just £7.49, omg that's almost what a pint costs nowadays!


You can log in and play and burn the odd ten minutes or so and it really is as awesome as I thot, the single player story is great tho a few too many cut scenes and a very linear but fun, the multiplayer is a bit quiet but usually there's between 6-30 ppl on which is fine, had a lot of laughs really recommend it. It seems I've still got a few of the ol skills been playing it a week and already pwn.


Would love to stick a shotgun in Wizards face for old time sake!

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