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The Unknown Ghosts

No Dedicated Servers!!

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Helios has finally come out with a reply in the 150+ page thread on the CM forums about dedicated servers.... Its not good news!


Original Post: here


After liaising with the dev team, it will not be possible to implement dedicated servers post-launch for the game. __________________

Ian 'Helios' Webster

Community Manager


The full thread is here: Dedicated Server Files? (PC)



Looks like we're done with this game too then!!

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To be honest, MW2 was the one beacon of hope we had... And that just went all tits up. I really can't think of anything that's gonna save us :huh:


Battlefield3, Battlefield:Bad Company2 or Ghost Recon 4 or even Medal Of Honour (Modern Warfare) could all possibly be a saviour....


There's even the smallest possibility that MW2 might end up with Dedicated servers in the future, who knows!!

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