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The Unknown Ghosts

First Thoughts

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Well i got it for the Ps3 due to the issues with the Pc version i couldnt see the point in getting a console port for the Pc :)


Ps3 Slim 120 gb

Hd 60" Tv :) Hdmi cable

Splitfish V2 Mouse controller.


The games graphics are great it really looks good, if you get it on the console you will be thinking of how good it would of been on the PC.


There are some great modes one we all liked was defend on Gr, Codmw2 has a similar mode and its quite good, these are all found in Special Ops.


Then there is the campain, i havent really played to much yet but it looks good, i think you know how it goes and its no different to all Sp modes, but it does look good.


Multiplayer, ive only played breifly as getting used to the controls is a hard task, now my mouse has turned up im just trying to remap the buttons but thats a task at this point :(, but im getting better.


All in all its a shame the Pc version was not going to work but for a console game your not going to get much better than this, some of the maps are awesome. Remember how much i used to hate these games as well :)


Ps3 name TuG_JJUK i will be on later.

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