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The Unknown Ghosts

No pc beta

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now we have been totally fooked over by ea ..got a email saying :-


Thank you for preordering Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from GAME.co.uk The developer of the game has advised us that the GAME Exclusive one week demo access (due to start on the 28th January) is now no longer available. However, don't worry as you will still get a full 3 week access to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo via Xbox Live or The Playstation® Network from the 4th February 2010. To access the demo from the 4th February please login to you Xbox Live or PSN account, search for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and follow the download instructions. No code is needed as it is now a public demo.




why do pc gamers allways getting pissed about allways getting screwed over what a bunch of wankers..........

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