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Medal of Honor using 2 Engines

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Yep thats right, they are using 2 different game engines for the SP & MP parts of the game.


As we know - EA LA are making the SP portion of the game and using Unreal 3 engine, while DICE are making the MP portion of the game and using their Frostbite engine (BF: BC2).


Full details below with links. (via Bluesnews.com)


The upcoming Medal of Honor game will use two separate graphics engines. A Medal of Honor tweet reveals the single-player campaign in the military shooter will use the Unreal Engine 3: "As many of you may have read, we are using a heavily-modified Unreal 3 Engine for Medal of Honor's single-player campaign." A follow-up tweet says DICE is using their Frostbite engine for the game's multiplayer side: "I guess the cat's out of the bag. Medal of Honor's multiplayer will be using the Frostbite engine." On a related note, Planet Medal of Honor points to a preview of the game on Planet IGN where DICE's Patrick Bach admits that rolling the dice on the game's multiplayer development will probably lead to some dicey results: "I think it would be hard to not have anything feed in," answers Bach, "But then again we're not striving to make a new Battlefield – the goal is to make a completely new IP and make sure we get the best possible multiplayer experience for that IP. I've been play-testing it – and it really is good. We're using the Frostbite engine and it's amazing to see how it can build a completely different experience." Finally, a later tweet clarifies that footage of the game in the recently released Medal of Honor trailer is solely the Unreal Engine 3: "Just to clarify, all of the footage in our trailer is Unreal Engine 3...not Frostbite :)"

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