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If you still like playing HALO


There are some interesting new releases from GearBox Software who did the PC version.


HaloCE and HEK released!!


HaloCE is Gearbox Software's solution for the long awaited Halo patch!

Instead of waiting for Microsoft and Bungie to release a new patch for Halo, Gearbox Software has been authorized to put out a special version of Halo Multiplayer, called HaloCE. I can tell you from playing the new version myself that this is going to change the face of Halo for the PC!! Better graphics, improved netcode, little tweaks here and there, and not having to wait months at a time for future patches.


This stand-alone product is 170MB, and can currently be downloaded from www.fileplanet.com. I would also suggest checking out the Gearbox Forums at:


GearBox Software Forums - Download HALO CE & HEK


One last thing - The HEK (Halo Editing Kit) will be released tomorrow, and that's BIG news for Halo modders who can't wait to build new maps, customize gametypes, spawn locations, etc.... Again, check out the link above to the Gearbox forums for more info...?

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