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Big News On BETA!

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Taken from the battle field blog


When's the Beta


First, let's start by making the official time and date of the Beta the start of this Blog in what will be and EPIC moment in DICE's PC History! The PC Beta begins this Thursday, January 28th at approximately 6pm CET, 12pm EST, and 9am PST time!!!!!!! :-D




Where to Get It


The Client will be downloadable from server partner websites and Steam starting at the above listed time at a file size of 1.5GB. Here's a hyper-link reminder http://bit.ly/4GJk2a on which retailers will provide PC Beta access through pre-ordering.




Why we're Having a Beta


The Beta is happening for many reasons, like testing the infrastructure, hosting stability, and gameplay tuning (FOV, Weapon Balance, etc...) that no amount of internal testing could provide better than real world exposure. This means there will also be times of choppiness, lag, disconnects, CTDs or other issues a Beta version of any MP game would have. We'll have feedback methods similar to the PS3 Beta as well to ensure your input is gathered and heard.




Advanced warning: there will be things updated in the final game, like a Server browser with more functions, optimizations, performance tweaks, and learning's from the Beta.




This truly is a Beta, so remember that all feedback is appreciated and wanted! :-)




Hosting the Beta


Renting of Beta servers will not be possible, but we'll work closely with all our RSPs* to ensure there is always enough capacity for each individual regions.




Where to Download the Beta


We'll distribute with many partners as possible to ensure the fastest DLs no matter your location around the world. Current know locations and methods will be EADM, Steam, Torrents (only get this from legit sources, i.e. an RSP*), and all our RSP's.




Getting Started In the Beta

STEP 1: Make sure you have at least 5GB free on your HDD and then download and Install BFBC2! :-D

STEP 2: Once installation is completed (install size will be around 1.5GB) start the client and click the login button. You will then be prompted to sign in with your EA Account. If you don't have an EA Account you'll be able to create one in the same screen. (You may also create your EA Account in advance HERE)

STEP 3: Enter the unique PC Beta Code during the log in process to authenticate your participation in the Beta.

Step 4: Create your Soldier name (this will lock that name to your EA account for retail if you want to keep it).




Note: You will not be able to play or access any multiplayer menus without being authenticated. After the Beta Key is registered it will be tied to your EA Account and no longer valid for new registrations. Our game will use SecuROM for the Beta and Final games .exe, for more info on how SecuROM works in BFBC2 please read this Blog to learn about it in more detail.




* Ranked Server Provider (RSP)

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