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The Unknown Ghosts

I got my beta key thread!!

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I just got my email from play.com :)




Thank you for pre ordering Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (with Play.com Exclusive Early PC BETA Access)


Please find below your code which will enable you to access the Early PC BETA event.


Code: i-dont-think-so


In order to redeem your pre-order code please follow the steps below:


STEP 1: Please visit the following sites to download Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 PC Beta Client. www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/beta


STEP 2: Download and Install the client.


STEP 3: Once the client is installed, start the client and click on the log in button. You will receive a prompt to sign in with your EA Account. If you do not have an EA Account you can create one on the same screen.


STEP 4: Enter the unique PC Beta Code during the log in process to authenticate your participation in the Beta. You will not be able to play or access any multiplayer menus without being authenticated.


*Please note that once used it will be tied to your EA Account and no longer valid for new registrations.

** Please note that clicking on any of the multiplayer menu choices will open the log in dialogue if you are not already logged in


Thank you for pre-ordering with www.play.com


Kind Regards



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