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The Unknown Ghosts

Beta Bugs

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Windows Vista 64bit

Core Duo E8500 processor

Nvidia 9800x2 card

4 gb ram


Newest version.


Old version works with new version also.


Friends request does not work.


Lag on most servers although it is playable, its not quite right.


Server screen is slightly blurred, in game is fine.


Alt ctrl tab doesnt work.


Chat make me crash to desktop.


The pistol is to over powered.


The weapons are to underpowered.


Jump is to high.


Jump needs to be retricted to 1 job and a pause as many are bunny hoping about.


We need straffe while running.


We need prone.


Bullet penatration is random, sometime taking a whole clip to kill.


Sniper rifles are underpowered.


Refreshing data takes forever.


Servers do not always show up.


Random disconnects.


Unable to filter servers.


We need the ability to remove someone from your squad.


A hardcore mode is required 1 shot i kill.






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