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The Unknown Ghosts

Closed beat fixes so far for retail version

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Closed Beta bug status




Here we list some of the bugs which have been reported in the Closed Beta, with confirmed info from programmer, Mikael Kalms.


How is DICE working on the game?

Fixes are made directly in the retail game. Then, depending on how much time and effort it takes, we also lift the fixes into the Closed Beta. When we have a new good build of the Closed Beta, we will release a new client.


The focus for most of the team right now is stability, not game balancing. Therefore the list below contains mainly reported stability issues.








Flashing water and terrain on Crossfire

Fixed in retail game.

Particle shadows disabled on SLI + DirectX9

They used to cause a huge performance drop. Fixed in retail game.

DirectX9 crashes

We have improved stability some in the retail game, particularly when "losing" the graphics device due to alt-tab

WinXP 32 / WinXP 64 compatibility

We have done a few crash fixes, although we have no data specifically on XP64 yet.

Updater fails downloading patch and gives a nonsensical error message about "unable to download patch, check your internet connection"

Fixed in the retail game. The problem is both in the game's installer and in the updater.

Closed Beta workaround: launch the Updater as Administrator.

Some or all of WASD keys stop working

If you have a joystick connected, and it is not perfectly calibrated, then it will signal tiny movements in some direction. These tiny movements overrule the WASD keys. We are aware of the problem.

Closed Beta workaround: Disconnect your joystick

Crash during level load on ATI x1900 cards

The game requires driver version 9.12 or later to function. 9.11 crashes hard inside the driver. Unfortunately there are no new enough drivers available for the X1900 cards.

Closed Beta workaround: Rename BFBC2Game.exe to BF2.exe, and launch BF2.exe directly.

Sometimes you keep moving even after you have released a key

Noted. We have reproduced it at the DICE office too.

As a side note: this never happened to a single developer during the past 6 months' worth of testing. Strange.

"Connection to server has been lost"

This one is tricky. We have no solution yet.

Some sounds are played in the wrong speaker

Audio team are investigating.

Crackups in sound

No data yet.

Weapon balancing and tuning

When we created the first Closed Beta, we picked the most stable build we had. (Well, you have all seen how well that build fared when it faced the real world...) We had to choose either stability or new content -- and stability won. Due to this, all content in the Closed Beta was some weeks old already at launch.

Weapon balancing is on-going in the retail game, and we are following what's happening on the forums.

HBAO is very GPU hungry, resulting in low framerates on high-end machines

We are working on faster versions of the filter.

Closed Beta workaround: disable HBAO. Looks less pretty, runs better.

The game has high framerate on a machine, yet the input is very laggy

We have a fix in the works.

The game accepted my serial key, but then failed logging in to EA Online

Are you having any exotic characters in your password? One person who had the character ‘}’ in his password had that very problem.

Closed Beta workaround: Change your password (using www.ea.com) to a password that only contains the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9. Then try logging in in the game again.

So, that is where we are at now.


We will try to keep this list updated every few days. Thanks for your feedback, everyone!




Comments are closed on this thread as we will keep this post updated. Please feel free to post comments in the usual way with your thoughts/feedback on these fixes and responses.

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