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The Unknown Ghosts

all ready cheaters :(


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me and psy and few other been playing alot of games lately and we noticed so many have decided to hack the beta which is very sad to hear just to say a few instances


1. on attackers been alot of games which straight away at the start and i saw around at least 5 defenders around the A point and was taken without a scratch on the building and no one in sight :(

and i saw 1 person run into the builing to take it and ran back out and was taken on another point grrrrrrrr makes you so angry and the first 2 points get taken withing 15-20 seconds and forgot which one near the end same again


2. something like unlimited bullits ( only 30 round mag supposed to have) couple people jumping over small walls and shooting number of players 4 plus on 1 round mag they had and psy was one of the unfortuatly ones was a victim of that


3. looks like soon all games will be like it and glad they have admins on soon when retail comes out on private servers and i do hope on retail will show who taken a point

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thats good news...


I think once we get the servers fixed and the right anti-cheats in place it muight just be ok...


I really enjoyed playing on the 16 man servers - was much more skill based and you could actually use strategy etc...


With 32 on that map it is just to chaotic with too much going on in my opinion...


With hardcore 16 man servers set-up it might be really fun if we can get enough TUGS to play---


We will be getting admin access to some servers at the university we can use as well

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one way of taking the first point B is to fly the uav directly into it boom its gone i know this as a defender i went straight to B to lay some explosives and it bounced of me hit the box booom end of.

with the sniper kit you get 6 sets of explosives its all you need to take out the objective another way is to load up your quad drive it into the box jump off pressing left mouse boom point taken allah akbar...same with point A it can be done..im not saying that it hasnt been hacked some players seem to be bullit proof others have super weapons the ballistics seem a bit screwed hope this helps a bit try it and see 8-)

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I noticed similar things on the ps3 demo. Plus I find it very heavy and sluggish. If I see the enemy first, and avoid being seen I can often get the kill. But if we both spot each other, I tend to end up second best! Maybe hardcore will suit me much better.


Plus are they gonna make going prone possible?

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